Tuesday, 6 January 2015

2014 Beauty Faves

2014 has been a year with experimenting with new and exciting beauty products. With the amount of makeup that I own now, it became extremely difficult to narrow my faves down into one tiny post without it being the length of the longest Harry Potter book. I chose a couple of products from each "beauty department" if you will, e.g. skincare, nails, eyes etc!

The Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette has been a staple shadow palette in my collection. I use it on the days where my eyes need a minimal lift with a coat of mascara. The colours are just perfect as they are on the warmer side but overall, work great with all of my other shadows. Like all Urban Decay Eyeshadows, they are buttery soft, greatly pigmented and extremely blendable.

MAC "Woodwinked" has literally been my favourite gold eyeshadow since I discovered it earlier last year. It's not overly gold and shimmery, it's what I would describe as a vintage gold {having brownish undertones}. This shadow makes my heart sing, definitely swatch it next time you are at the MAC counter.

2014 was the year of finishing all my open mascaras so that I would only have two open at once. One mascara in particular was the L'oreal Volume Excess Mascara which served my lashes well. It makes my lashes look amazing with how it separates, gives volume and doesn't clump. LOVE.

My go-to brow product this year has been the Smashbox Brow Tech To Go and the reason why I love it so much is that the colour is just perfect for my cool toned dark brows! It's easy to apply and makes your brows look natural. It also comes with a brow gel on the other side which i'm not too fussed about as it makes my brows feel a lil crunchy but it stays on all day without moving which is the main goal with brow products RIGHT!?

There has been LOADS of lipstick favourites for 2014 and it pains me to only pick a couple. But one of my most used lipsticks this year has been MAC "Sweetie" which is a lovely pink shade which is perfect for everyday as it has a lustrous finish.

One drugstore favourite lip product has been the Revlon Lip Butter in "Sweet Tart" which I have talked about non stop this year, I'm surprised that I'm not sick of it yet! I love the lip butters for when you literally don't want to put too much effort in or your lips are in a state where lipstick won't go down too well. Love, love, love.

Another lip favourite has been the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in "Milan" which is more of a girly pink with a matte finish. I have a few different shades of these and I cannot believe how amazing they are. Paired with a Korres Lip Butter, it's not as drying and the colour lasts longer.

The bold lip award goes to the duo of NARS Matte Lip Pencil in "Red Square" and MAC "Lady Danger". You guys know that I love this duo with a passion. There is something about a hot orange red that is just my cup of tea. Also, considering that both of these products are matte, it doesn't feel that drying on the lips when you prep hardcore a couple of days before.

Essie "Lilacism" has been a solid favourite polish for 2014. It's the perfect pastel purple and from what I can gather, it pretty much looks flattering on all skin tones. Also, it's one of those polishes that suit all the seasons!

Another polish that I love especially in the spring/summer months is Essie "Watermelon". I'm not normally one for pinks, but there is something special about this one. It makes my hands look incredibly tanned for starters, and I think it is the perfect fuchsia pink for the non-girly girl.

Oh hey, another Essie polish aye, well yes. I own TOO many {OH THE SHAME}. My hands down FAVE POLISH EVER in terms of colour is definitely Essie "Trophy Wife". I can't believe I haven't confessed my love for it before until now but yES! The perfect metallic mermaid blue and the formula is so on point, it makes me and my nails VERY HAPPY! 

One stand out skincare product of 2014 was the REN Radiance Perfection Serum which has made such an amazing difference with my skin. It works to reduce the redness on your face while also subtle fading hyper pigmentation. I have used it since I bought it a couple of months ago and I literally can't go a day without using it as it makes my face look healthy and alive.

Another Skin care product I have been loving is the Sukin Hydrating Toner Mist, which again, I can't live without. A single spritz calms my skin and doesn't cause any irritation whatsoever. Overall, great product for those that have easily aggravated skin.

I have a feeling that the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation will be a solid favourite in most beauty bloggers favourites and I definitely would have to agree. There is something about the way that this foundation sits and looks on my skin that is just so natural and it's SO NICE.

Concealer wise, I would have to say that the Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer would reign supreme. It has the perfect amount of coverage to cover all my hyper pigmentation without looking cakey or creasing. I'm glad I discovered this concealer, it has changed up my whole foundation routine {however, I don't use this and Sheer Glow together - story for another day}.

YAS, favourite blush of the year is hands down the Clinique Cheek Pop in "Ginger Pop". This blush is the perfect muted peach shade that blends seamlessly and looks so natural on the cheeks. It gives such a nice warmth to the face during the colder months but looking at it now, I want to whip it out during summer!

Another blush that I have LOVED in 2014 was the Bourjois Baked Blush in "Rose Frisson". Apart from the smell {which doesn't transfer}, the shade of the blush is second to none. It must be one of the few blushes that I own that are the perfect pinky shade for my skin tone. Every time I wear this blush, it sculpts my face without too much effort and is so versatile with anything I pair it with.

PHHEEEWWW! That was a lot of faves to get through. If you made it this far, kisses. Obviously there were so many more that I didn't include because this post would take you a million years to read. HUZZAH, onto the new year and discovering, trying and loving new {and old} products!

I would love to read your yearly faves, link it below so I can take a sticky beak! :D


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