Thursday, 1 October 2015

Ross & Rachel

Ah friends. One of the best television shows for many reasons, one of them being the ability to watch any episode for the millionth time and no get sick of it. Another, is the infamous relationship between Ross and Rachel. Let's be real, they were my OTP from the get-go {He is her lobster for seafood sake?!}. Too Faced released two blushing bronzers, with the other couple being Carrie & Big from SITC. While the blush shade in Carrie & Big is a beautiful peachy shade, my heart belongs to the pinks which coincidentally happened to be Ross & Rachel. yay tho.

Firstly, this product was so difficult to track down. I went to the only Mecca Maxima in my city to find it and they didn't have any on their display. I hung my head and went to fill my heart with their new love heart blushes, opened the draw. LO AND BEHOLD. There it was, wait for me to buy it. So I did. This product is a limited edition item according to Mecca however, is still available on the site and the Too Faced Website - under bronzers.

The packaging is super cute with a flashy design of increasing hearts. Literally my first thought when I opened it was "Holy-crackamole?!". 1) Generous mirror! 2)The blush to bronzer ratio is kinda heartbraking as I'm more of a blush kinda gal, but I'll go with it Too Faced. For Rachel and Ross.

The deep bronzer portion of the blush leans quite orange which to be honest, scared me at the beginning {and secretly now too}. All I can say is that you definitely have to use a light hand with this product as it can take you to an oompla-loompa level in an instant if you aren't careful. However, I do think that the golden sheen to it will make me look like a bronzed goddess in the summertime. I CAN DREAM RIGHT?!

The thing that I love most about this bronzer/blush hybrid is that they both blend out seamlessly on the face. I'll admit when the blush and the bronzer are worn together, it can look a little too much. I'll keep it real. But I work around it and use the slightest amount of bronzer on a fluffy brush and go to town on blending it on the outer parts of my face. Then I apply the blush on the apples of my cheeks with a small brush because LOOK at how small that pink heart is. I really do not think I can get over the fact that the blush is so small.

We all know that Too Faced just have their bronzers down-pat and this one is no exception. Yes it was an impulse buy {packaging THO!}. But the product itself is pretty dreamy and I just can't wait to get more use out of it in the summer time!

Who is your favourite OTP from any TV show?
Mine is definitely Brooke and Lucas from One Tree Hill! FO SHO.

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