Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Nerd Files #5 | Comic Con 2015

Oz comic con was on the 11th and 12th of April this year but I only went on the Sunday during the weekend, which is really unusual as I always go both days to look around at the stores and the cosplays properly. As I was there only on one day, I had to work quick as this year, comic con was even bigger than last year. I had to line up earlier to skip lines as I literally had to leave by 4pm as I had another event to go to, which you might see a post on if I think the photos look ok to post {they look awful, but I want to share the event}.

I spent the day with one of best friends, and going to these nerd cons are sort of out thing that we do together and look forward too every year. We walked into the con knowing that we wanted to get a photo with Billie Piper who plays a companion called Rose from Doctor Who. We waited in line and got out token and then we waited until like 2 o'clock for our photo.

I walked in and she said "Hello gorgeous" in her cute British accent, she was wearing what I can only describe as a grungy picnic rug. It was a quick chat and photo but she was so lovely and friendly. She had a full on chat with my best friend about her hair and where she got her jacket from! So overall, we are quite pleased with how our meet and greet went. Unfortunately I didn't have time to get an autograph so I could talk to her more because I had to leave. That's why I like going both days of the weekend as you can literally do everything without stress.

As for the stuff that I bought, I had these in mind before the convention started as I knew that they were there from last year. No not the lego town, Disney Traditions figurines by Jim Shore. I cannot even begin to explain how cute these figurines are. My heart kinda died when I looked at the prices because they cost an arm and a leg but they only sell them at conventions in Australia. I have tried looking online but I cannot find any australian stores that sell them. boo. But at least that I have something to look forward to at every convention!

I actually walked up to the store like WHWHWHAT?! I knew that I had to have this Little Mermaid sitting on a rock figurine! I mean come ON! The little details are what make it so special in my opinion. I have never been so obsessed with a figurine in my whole life. Funny story, some lady was creeping up behind me and looking at it so it was all or nothing so I screamed out to the worker lady and got the last one in the box! Risk it to get the biscuit. I LOVE IT!

The next one that I bought was the most expensive out of all of them because look at it, it's kinda massive. But no REGRATS {none at all}. It's called "Wishing upon a star" which has some of the characters from pinocchio. Pinocchio is such an underrated film, the songs are so cute and all the characters are so quirky! It's incredibly lighter than I thought it would be so thank the lawd as I didn't want to be carrying a heavy box all day. I love that they included Figaro {the cat!} and a mini Jiminy and the over all quality of the characters are amazing.

I then bought this little Peter Pan bc Peter Pan is life. Even though I sort of favour Return to Neverland over the original, my love for peter pan is always strong. I picked up this little figurine of him and I just love his little cheeky face. YOU CAN FLYYYY <- literally my fave line ever.

Now I have all these disney figurines in my room and I just love how they brighten my boring room! Overall, I had such a great time at Comic Con {would recommend out of 10}. I can't wait for the next one, but until then I have supernova to look forward to {another nerd con!}.

What's your fave disney character?
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