Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A Lush Haul

My first lush haul! How exciting!

Almost every beauty blogger that I follow were making their little trips to Lush to get some goodies from the christmas collection. Everyone seems to love everything and I mean everything about lush - the way the products smell and the fact that everything is made from natural ingredients.

After reading about everyones thoughts and reviews, I felt like I had a good idea about what products that I wanted to buy. But as soon as I walked into the store, everything just went out the window and I just bought things that I thought looked the cutest and smelt the best. Being a Lush noob, I was basically picking up and smelling everything to the point where I had a headache by the time I was ready to pay for the things I was going to buy.

Magic Wand Bubble Bar

"Fairy Princesses of all ages will love this great value re-usable bubble bar for up to ten bubble baths. Swish it around in the water for a skin softening vanilla scented soak and a mound of candy bubbles."

I pretty much was going to buy this because everyone was raving about it but then when I saw it in the store and smelt it for myself, I was 100% sold on the concept. It is pink, star-shaped on a stick {which feels a bit flimsy} with a ribbon and a jingle bell. It smells absolutely amazing, like the snow fairy shower gel which smells very sweet almost like fairy floss.

Angel's Delight Soap

"If you'r a fan of the popular Angel's Delight dessert then you'll love this classic Lush Soap. A Yummy pink soap, adorned with stars, moons and all things glittery - tangerine oil, orange oil and gardenia oil provides the sweet, jelly baby fragrance and also really work to cleanse, refresh and detox the skin."

I smelt all the soaps and I definitely thought this one smelt the best. I couldn't put my finger on how it smells until I read the description on the website but it really does smell like a mixture of lollies and a hint of orange. After bringing the Angel's Delight soap home, it has been making my bathroom smell delightful.

 Green Bubbleroon Bubble Bar

"Green Bubbleroon is a foaming, meadow-sweet bath of grass and orange flower. This one embodies the essence of summer - so whilst your body is lying in the bath, your mind is on a tartan blacnket on the grass beside a lake enjoying the perfect summer picnic. Everything is here, the jug of homemade lemonade, the warm breeze through the grass, the smell of orchards in the air and the warmth of the sun on your skin. A fresh uplifting bath, with orange, lime and juniper berries, that could bring sun to even the darkest winter days."

Wow, that description pretty much speaks for itself! The Lush store that I went to had different scents of the bubbleroons on a cake stand which I thought was a nice touch. I also like how the bubble bar can be separated in the middle for two bubble baths instead of one.

Armandopondo Bubble Bar

"Lemon and rose to help you forgive and forget. Armandopondo is scented with rose absolute and a twist of lemon and orange oils. Each little cream pillow has a rosebud on top to symbolise an appeal for forgiveness. Present to one to anyone you have wronged; once they have bathed in its fragrant form, all should be forgiven as the rose, lemon and orange oils lift the spirits."

The Armandopondo Bubble Bar smells absolutely amazing! I have used this one already and I really liked it! It has just the right amount of rose, lemon and orange oils that leave my skin and the bath smelling wonderful without being overpowering. 

Pop In the Bath Bubble Bar

"Chipper little flower-shaped bar to fill you with enthusiasm. The Pop In the Bath Bubble Bar was originally inspired by Mary Poppins, who blew in on the East Wind to 17 Cherry Tree Lance to sort out a chaotic household. I'm sure we all have times when we could do with someone like Mary to sort out our problems. Be pro-active instead; take a calming bergamot, lemon and mandarin bath. They come in a variety of colour combos but they all smell equally perky."

The Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar is my favourite out of everything that I bought. It has a floral fragrance which I find relaxing and the bar itself is really cute!

Karma Bubble Bar

"Our signature fragrance for bath-time: oranges and multi-layered spices. Karma is a fragrance that keeps on giving. Each time you catch a whiff of its many-layered fragrance, you notice yet another thread in its multi-stranded personality. Top notes, middle notes, base notes and all the notes in between disentangle themselves before you. Bathe in a fluffy Karma bath and you'll generously perfume the whole house with its fragrance (and yourself too)."

The Karma Bubble Bar has a fairly strong orange smell which I can't really handle too well but I still like it. I think I was really immersed into shopping when I bought this because I don't know if will I end up using it any time soon. 

Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar

"Snow Fairy fragranced sparkle in a bar! With a soft heart full of moisturising butters, oils and shimmering silver lustre to leave you smelling candy sweet and ready for your party dress. Smooth this bar over your arms and shoulders for soft shimmering skin that catches the light as you flutter."

I didn't realise it until I got home but the lady that served me chucked in a little sample of the Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar which was really nice of her. However, I don't like message bars because they are so messy and slimy. But the full size Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar is really cute!!

Have you been to lush recently? What's your favourite product from there at the moment?



  1. Amazing haul! I don't have a bath which I hate (but it does save my wallet) so I seriously live for Lush haul posts haha

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. But these look good enough to eat x

    I nominated you for The Sunshine Award :)

  3. Great haul! I wish I had a bath at my flat! I haven't been to Lush in a while but I want to repurchase the Big Shampoo.

    1. I have never tried that before but it sounds pretty good!

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  5. I've seen so many reviews on lush stuff that I feel like I have to get some, I am totally sold!

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |




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