Thursday, 29 May 2014

Haulage: Tarte, Kat Von D, Deborah Lippmann + MORE!

Since the semester started, I have been procrastinating from uni work and I somehow find myself scrolling through different online stores for cosmetics that are unavailable in Australia. In April, I placed a rather large order on Tarazz which used to sell things from Sephora HOWEVER, have stopped since then :(. I'm not completely sure as to why they have stopped selling cosmetics from Sephora, but my guess is something to do with an actual store being built in Australia? I don't know, ANNYYYWAYYS, lets get on with the haul!!

Kat Von D is not available in Australia and is a brand that I was always curious about. I am SO KEEN on trying the Lock-It Tattoo Foundation and Concealer so bad, but I don't know how the colours go so I have never tried them. Nonetheless, I decided on the "True Romance" Eyeshadow palette that has an array of neutral toned shades, which are my fave type of eyeshadows. I think I will do a review of this one soon because I have not seen too many of them floating around.

I bought two things from Tarte, first being the Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara which comes in this really neat snakeskin packaging. And the other is a highly raved about Amazonian Clay Blush in the shade "Fearless" which is a gorgeous coral which I can't get enough of.

After waiting so long, I finally bought a Korres lip butter {go me!}. I bought the shade in "Jasmine" which smells amazing! After close inspection of the lip butter, I'm not sure about the shade anymore. It looks like it is going to have a really sheer wash of colour that might not even show up on my lips. If I like what the Korres lip butter does to my lips, I might invest in another darker shade {what would you recommend?}.

I did get two products that I did little to no background research on which is going to be interesting to try out. I picked up the Josie Maran Bear Naked Nail Wipes which has 40 sheets of nail wipes that smell like grapefruit {yummo}. On a whim, I threw the Philosophy Kiss Me Lip Scrub in my basket because I've been into really exfoliating my lips lately and my Lush lip scrub was getting a little messy.

Nail polishes are my weakness, and I had yet to try Butter London and Deborah Lippman nail polishes. I usually just buy cheap nail polish but this time I decided to splurge on a few shades that caught my eye. From Deborah Lippman, both have Mermaid in the name which made me instantly click it into my basket with no questions. The sea foam shade is called "Mermaids Dream" and the purple shade is called "Do the Mermaid". Without a doubt, these two shades are probably the most beautiful nail polishes in my collection in terms of colour! I also to take advantage of the opportunity to buy myself a Butter London nail polish in the shade "Come to Bed Red" which is a bright red {classic and always in fashion}.

I'm so excited to start using all these products so make sure to let me know if you are interested in seeing any reviews of any of the products I have purchased.


Monday, 26 May 2014

Ciate Dolls House Collection

Even though spring and summer are officially over, I'm still diggin' the pastel nails. I'm a little sad I didn't get to flaunt pastel nails last spring, but mother nature seems has only just started with the autumn weather so there's still time to wear these beauties!

I have literally been obsessed with the Ciate Dolls House Collection since the first time I saw it on display in Mecca Cosmetica. The packaging is on a whole other level with the look of a cutesy doll house, with windows!! Other than my love for the packaging, the shades of the nail polishes are so lovely. The shades include Sweet Pea (Mint green), Paper Doll (White), Baby Doll (pinky-peach), Poppet (Lilac) & Dollface (Nude). My favourites are Poppet and Paper Doll!

These polishes have a soft, matte texture which reminds me off a dolls face {creepy right?}. I didn't think I would be one for matte nail polishes, but after testing it out I actually like it. I know matte nails are either hit or miss with people, but a top coat can make your manicure look instantly glossy and last longer. These nail polishes dry extremely fast which I was impressed with and I use three coats to avoid streaks.

Are you guys loving pastel nails as much as me?


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Lush Think Pink

After my last Lush experience with the "Fizzbanger" which I was pleased with, I decided to go to lush again to get some more goodies. I spent max 3 minutes in the store before my brain was going to explode with all the different scents going on. I saw how cute the Think Pink Bath Ballistic was with it's little flower pattern and it sort of reeled me in with it's cuteness.

This little pink ball fizzes in the bath very quickly and then releases little pink confetti hearts which was so exciting to see floating around the tub. It makes the room smell so good, I can't even remember anymore but it was really girly and feminine {think flowers, candy, etc.}. Unfortunately, the smell didn't linger on my skin :'( and only made my skin feel soft while in the bath so even though the smell was divine, the Think Pink Bath Ballistic was so underwhelming. I was expecting a little more pazazz or even some little bubbles so I won't be repurchasing BUT saying that, it was nice to try it out!

Have you tried Lush Think Pink?


Friday, 16 May 2014

Sigma F80 Foundation Brush

Back in January I bought a Sigma foundation brush that most people have {crowd follower, I know!}. I wanted to test this brush out for a long time so I could properly review the longevity and all that. I bought my Sigma F80 brush from Redefining Beauty which ships sigma brushes to australia and it arrived all nice and new in a couple of days within placing my order.

The brush itself is a flat top kabuki brush with synthetic bristles that so soft . On first look, the brush is very dense. Like holy moly dense. I never squirt the foundation straight onto the brush because I find that it soaks the foundation up. I use the back of my hand to put majority of the foundation and then dot it onto my face and then blend with the brush. The brush itself is so lovely to blend out foundation giving an even coverage with no bristle marks or streaks.

After many, many cleans, the bristles are starting to fall out, not because it's a crappy brush but because of the way I clean it. I find the task of cleaning this brush to be so frustrating!!! I squish the bristles too hard and basically ruin the brush just trying to get the silly thing clean. As someone who uses baby shampoo {w0w so luxe} to wash brushes, this one is so annoying as it cleans the outside of the brush while leaving foundation stains in the centre!! Like what!? I have been recommended some tricks to stop that but I would love to know what you use to clean your brushes!!

I have been trialling this foundation brush for a long time and I think it is worth the money. It provides an even coverage and doesn't leave marks on my face which is all good in my books! Every now and then I like to go back to my Real Techniques Buffing Brush because it's softer on the face as it is less dense, but majority of the time I use my Sigma F80.

What type of foundation brush do you use?
And how do you clean them?


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Bourjois Dotting Tool

I'm usually the girl that just changes her nail colour every second day but at the moment, I have been venturing out into nail art. Accent nails, drawing dots and lines has got my creative juices flowing and I can't get enough! It all started when I discovered this dotting tool from Bourjois! I had been on the hunt for nail art tools for months and I was almost going to purchase a set online {which I have heard is pretty cheap for a set of 5 - I'd probably recommend doing that!} but couldn't wait to get my hands on at least one tool.

This dotting tool is double ended with different sized baubles on each side which gives you some control on how big or small you want the dots to be. This little tool has changed the way I paint my nails! It's not all boring one tone nails no, no. I can create so many cute designs! At the moment I'm a polka dot queen, but I would love to know if you guys would like to see some nail art/design posts because I think they'll be fun to do!

ALSO just a little update: The end of my uni semester is fast approaching which terrifies the living daylights out of me! I am loaded with so many assignments to do as well as study for an exam {woo!}, so I wont be posting as often. I just want to let you guys know that I will try to get at least one post up every week until my assignments are over and I'm finally on semester break!!

What's your favourite way to change up plain nails?


Monday, 5 May 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Let's be real, as soon as the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette was released I knew I needed it my life. I tried to hold off buying it as long as I could but when I started seeing this palette flourish in the beauty community, I knew that I had to get it. I read a lot of mixed reviews but that didn't phase me {no, no}, this rosy-hued palette caught my eyes and stole my heart from first glance and no beauty blog was gonna stop me from buying this palette.

The Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette contains a variety of matte, shimmer and satin shades with the shimmers dominating most of the palette. I know shimmer shades are hit or miss with people, but I actually don't mind the shimmer with this palette as the colours are so gorgeous. I find all the shades wearable and neutral with half of the palette being more pink-toned and the other half being more on the darker side to complement other shades.

Like the other Urban Decay Naked Palettes, the eyeshadows are incredibly easy to wear and blends like a dream. I am so happy that the quality lived up to my expectations and I also love the fact that this palette gives off a more elegant vibe than the other Naked Palettes. I don't know what it is but the Naked 3 Palette feels more classier? {just me?}. The hard case packaging is similar to Naked 2 which I like because it makes it easier to keep clean and can survive being dropped all over the counter and floor. 

Out of all the Naked palettes, I think the naked 3 is my favourite one! The rosy hues just make my heart sing and I find that I can create different looks more easier than the others Naked Palettes. Personally, I would have preferred one more dark matte for defining the crease but other than that, I absolutely love this palette and I would recommend it to anyone that loves and suits rosy toned shadows.

Have you got this palette? What is your favourite combination of shadows?


Friday, 2 May 2014

April Favourites 2014

It's April Favourites Time!! April was kind a slow month with a million assignments to be done but I did manage to add some fun. At the start of April my cousin and I went to Adelaide Comic Con and met Benedict Cumberbatch {A.k.a. Sherlock!! DEM CHEEKBONES ARE LIFE}. Other than that highlight, everything else I did in April seemed so teeny. I've made too many trips to Mecca Cosmetica this month, so I've had a few things to trial and test out.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash
I bought this product at the beginning of the month and I have been loving it. The scent is so sweet with a strong hit of lime which makes the whole shower + my body smell really good! It makes my skin so smooth and I'm glad that there is still more than 3/4 left in the bottle considering I have used quite a bit up already.

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub
I have JUST purchased this now, after wanting it for so long and I don't know why I waited so long. I love it! The sweet and salty flavour tastes good and even though I'm still getting used to the whole "lick the dead skin off your lips" thing, it does do a good job at getting rid of peeling lips making them ready for lipstick {Mwa}.

OPI Muppets Most Wanted {Kermit Speak to Me}
Ever since this baby entered my life, I have been loving it. This nail polish is apart of OPI's Muppets Most Wanted Collection and is a mauve/green duo-chrome. I just can't get over how lovely the shade is.

Random Mascara Wand
I don't even know where I found this mascara wand, it just sort of appeared in my collection. I use it to tame my brows because they are going through that awkward growing out stage..

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm {Elusive}
My last post was about the Revlon Matte Balms and I am in love with the shade "Elusive". It's a really easy colour to wear and I sometimes pair it with MAC's "Sweetie" on top so it gives a bit of sheen and moisture. LOVE!!

L'oreal Super Liner Blackbuster Eyeliner
Again, I have done a review about why I like this eyeliner. It's a thick marker and I somehow find it easier to create a thin line and flick! Crazy right?! Any time I decided to add liquid eyeliner to my eyelids this month, I have used this!

What has been your April Favourites?

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