Monday, 18 August 2014

Winter Blushes That Will Warm Your Soul

Winter has been the month of blush experimentation. Normally I just stick with the same ol' blushes all year round but with the addition of some newbies in my collection, how could I not try them out! I don't know what it is but there is something about winter and dark toned blushes that just work like strawberries dipped in chocolate.

I wanted to share the three blushes that have been on my cheeks this winter on rotation. All of them are quite different in undertone and in finish which is pretty snazzy considering they all look so similar in the pan.

You guys know that lately I have been LOVING the Clinique Cheek Pop in "Ginger Pop". I won't ramble about the daisy embossed pattern {but srsly tho, how cute is it?!}, but the blush is a dark-nudish type of shade that applies so seamlessly and gives such a natural glow to the skin.

Another blush that you guys know my ramblings about is the MAC Extra Dimension Blush in "Sea Me, Hear Me". I do find that my RT blush brush isn't picking the product up properly, so you definitely have to use a denser brush but anything works. The pigmentation is so there and it gives a pinky-mauve colour to warm up the face! + it has this really nice sheen to it that isn't disco city!

And the last blush I have been wearing is the NYX Powder Blush in "Dusty Rose" which has more of a reddy-pink tone to it. For a drugstore blush, this bad boy is incredibly pigmented and I have often accidentally put a little too much on as it is so pigmented but is does work a treat to give a warm glow during the winter + is incredibly flattering on my skin tone.

Blushes are not really my expertise in terms of finishes and all that jazz but I hope you got the jist of what I was saying! What is your fave blush for winter?


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