Saturday, 23 August 2014

An Eyeshadow Palette That Willy Wonka Would Be Jealous Of

DA-DA-DAAAAAAA! That's right, the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette!! The palette that smells like chocolatey goodness as soon as you open the chocolate moulded tin {oh lawdy heaven is a place on earth}. I absolutely hummed and hawed over this palette like no tomorrow, I was only turned off about the fact that I had previously owned the Natural Eyes Eyeshadow Palette by Too Faced and it was just not my cup of tea with matte eyeshadows being so chalky and glitter shadows having sooooo much fallout {dicso cheeks} and the whole palette not being pigmented at all.

I walked into Kit Cosmetics and saw the tester and the first thing I did was sniff the palette and BOY if that won't win you over, I srsly don't know what will! I swatched away to discover that this palette actually has some decent pigmentation {OH PRAISE THE EYESHADOW GODS}. So without wasting time, I bought the palette and lemme tell you my thoughts!

We already know what I think about the smell {chocolate = fantastic}. The packaging is SOOOO CUTE, it's a chocolate bar shaped tin which I feel like I bought it from Willy Wonka's Factory! There are also really cute names that go along with the shadows but it's not directly printed onto the packaging, it's more on a plastic sheet.. awkward if you lose it amirite?! {probs not, moving along}.

The shadows themselves all have a really nice texture that isn't too creamy or chalky - the shadow doesn't get messy in the pan which is good! The colours complement each other so well except I really dislike that pink shade that looks so out of place. I also love how Too Faced gets how we use the light colours for highlighting the brow bone so they put not one BUT TWO highlighter shades in matte and shimmer that are bigger than the rest on of the shadows {4 for u Too Faced, you go Too Faced}. They all blend really nice together and the staying power is great with a primer underneath.

If you want to treat yourself to a palette that is almost good enough to eat a little different from the normal shadows you use, then definitely check this baby out!

Totally random but what is your favourite chocolate bar? ;)


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