Monday, 11 August 2014

Uni Handbag Essestials

Ah, third week back at university and I can tell you that I did not miss the assignments being thrown at us. That being said, I bought a new bag and wanted to share all the random things that are in my bag aside from the obvious heavy text books and flimsy notebooks.

In my little black makeup bag {which is from colette}, I have a few products to help when winter strikes. I always carry a packet of tissues because I get the sniffles like nobody's business and some spare bobby pins and hair ties {bc you always lose them and they are never to be seen again}. I also carry around a bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel because YOU NEVER KNOW, NEVER!

As it is winter I tend to carry hand cream with me because I get dry hands and I recently purchased The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream and this stuff does not disappoint! It soaks into your hands really quick, isn't oily at all AND smells like roses!! And then as per usual, I carry like a couple of lip balms to keep them moisturised during the cold weather and one in particular that I like is the Chapstick Everyday Lip Care one because it's a squeeze tube making it so easy to apply out and about. And then as for lip products, I carry around a bunch of sheer lipsticks to give a bit of colour {more on this in the next post ;)}.

And now for the random whosits and whatsits that chill in my bag in winter! I always carry my Diary and pencil case for Uni which are from TYPO {gotta love that shop}. My orange wallet pouch is a recent purchase and I am lovingggg it! I think it's a good alternative for the Mimco pouch!! And then my phone and my glasses are always with me to make me look really studious when I'm scrolling through instagram. I also carry a sturdy umbrella because I have had plenty of experiences in the past where all my umbrellas flip inside out and then break! {It's like the umbrellas are protesting about being umbrellas!} HAHAah anyways I got this zesty yellow coloured scarf for my birthday which I haven't used yet BUT it has been sitting in my bag waiting to be worn {it just hasn't been cold enough}.

I can't believe that I actually fit all this stuff in my bag.. BUT IT DOES and I think these are some of the essential items that help me along my adventure at university. Thanks for listening to me ramble! What are some of your uni/school handbag essentials?


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