Saturday, 9 August 2014

Everyday Lips

There are days where I can't be bothered going all out with a bright lipsticks and checking the mirror every two seconds to see if I have clown mouth. On these days, I turn to the 'my lips but better' shades in order to cheat perfect lips without putting too much effort!

I have gone through various 'my lips but better' stages with different hues and undertones but I have finally found the shade that works the best for me! When I first applied MAC's Sweetie, I found it so lustrous with a pretty weak lasting power and it dried my lips out a little. I went on a quest and tested different lip balms underneath this lipstick which gave off different finishes on the lips {mostly lustrous which is cool I guess but I wanted something that made the colour show a little more}.

ALAS, I picked up the highly raved about NUXE Reve de Miel which is actually 100% worth the hype by the way {I would recommend to people with really dry and cracked lips 160% <- pretty serious! More serious that 150%}. The lip balm isn't sticky and slippery/oily like most lip balms, but it's creamy/waxy {in a nice way + smells like a french dessert} and has sort of a matte/satin finish to it. So paired with MAC Sweetie, they are a match made in heaven keeping your lips moisturised while giving off a simple and polished pout!!

What is your favourite every day lip colour?


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