Monday, 25 August 2014

Beauty Toolin'

We gotta give some credit to the little beauty tools that help up along our makeup journey. I probably forgot some things along the way but these are the ones that I reach for so often, if not daily!

I use mascara wands to brush out my brows after I applied my foundation to make sure no foundation is to be seen in there! I then do my brows then apply brow gel and then go in with the mascara wand again to neaten it up! It's such a random beauty tool but it does the trick! On the odd occasion if my mascara looks a little clumpy on the end or the lashes are not pointing in the right direction, I go in with the mascara wand to fix that!

If you're like me and love a good cat flick and always manage to mess it up at one point, then I use a cotton bud dipped in Garnier Micellar Cleaning Water to fix it up! It definitely works a treat to get a clean line and it dries on the skin almost instantly so you can go back with your eyeliner. I also use the Micellar Water along with some cotton pads to remove my makeup before I cleanse. I really like the Garnier one because it doesn't irritate my skin and doesn't leave an oily residue after! Definitely give it a go!

Every day I use a makeup wipe when I am applying my makeup to get rid of all the stains on my hands from foundation, concealer and mascara {and the odd lipstick swatch}. I have always used the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes because they don't sting my face off when I am having a lazy make up removing day.

Makeup Brushes are easily one of the most helpful beauty tool that you could ever have!! They really make all the difference when it comes to a flawless base or blended shadows. I picked three brushes that I'm sure have cheaper alternatives, a foundation brush, a powder/blush brush and an eyeshadow brush. The best of all the brush worlds! If you're eyeshadows are blended properly, you're set for life! And then I also put the trusty Beauty Blender Sponge bc this baby is literally a gift from the beauty tool gods! I use the pointy end to apply concealer under my eyes and it just applies it so smoothly. {again, there are cheaper alternatives, I chose this one because it was the only clean sponge that I had, oops.}

I am so obsessed with the Japonesque Power Curl EyeLash Curler {I would recommend}. Before I upgraded to these ones, I use to use these random ones that I received in a magazine! These Japonesque ones really reach all the lashes and curls them to the point of no return! I find that my lashes hold the curl too which is real nice paired with a volumising mascara to make my lashes look fuller and my eyes more open and awake.

What are some of your holy grail beauty tools?


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