Saturday, 30 August 2014

Amazing Face

I will admit that I often follow trends when it comes to recommendations for books however I actually didn't hear anything about this book by Zoe Foster. The book is called "Amazing Face" and I honestly think it's a book that every beauty lover needs in their life. LIKE WHY ARN'T BLOGGERS TALKING ABOUT IT?!?!?! It definitely beats Lauren Conrad's Beauty book {Yeah, I went there *snaps in Z formation}.

This book is filled with everything from skincare for all ages right through to makeup and even haircare for all ages with helpful hints and tricks that I'm sure we haven't heard about in this blogging world. She also added in product recommendations to achieve particular things which is pretty handy if you don't want to spend ages scrolling through blogs!

I absolutely love the fact that Zoe made the book so fun to read with bright, colourful pages and picture tutorials on how to's {example: highlighting the inner corner of the eye ^shown above}. What I love about it the most is that there is actually personality in the book - it's pretty much like reading a blog that makes you chuckle at certain parts!! I mean come on, have a little read of the text in the picture above! {also, do you know how hard it is to hold a book open while trying to focus a big mamajama camera?! VERY omg apologies for the blurry blurry}.

I bought this book last year when I wanted to take makeup more seriously and I wish I had it sooner because I have learn't soooo much from it! I always go back and refer to the book when I get stuck with something makeup related and it really is AMAZING.

Definitely a must have for EVERYONE in my opinion, no matter your makeup experience!! Check it out next time you're at the bookstore, I'll promise you'll love it just as much as I do!

What's your fave beauty book?


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