Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Nerd Files #2 | Perth Comic Con 2014 Haul

I know this is a little different to what I would usually post but I don't mind sharing a little bit of me and my personality through the little things that I obsess over. The weekend that just went by was Perth's Annual Comic Con and you could say that I was a little excited. {Next week is going to be even more exciting so stay tuned for that one ;) hehe}. This was the second year I've been to comic con and I can definitely say that this years one was WAYYY better than the 2013 comic con. This year was so much bigger and better as they had more cool stores and gaming opportunities with more guests to see. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos at the event but I wanted to share something with you thus this post with all the goodies I picked up!

The first thing that caught my eye was the X-RAY AND VAV shirt that I have been waiting my entire LIFE for!! The shirt is a reference to my favourite youtube gamers and I have been bugging mum to get it for me for a while now so when I saw it hanging on the wall from the corner of my eye I almost had tears running down my eyes . Words can't describe how happy I am with this shirt, this was definitely the best purchase of the day in my opinion! I also picked up this awesome VS poster from the same store which is another reference to the same youtube channel "Let's Play". I just love the drawing style!

I am a poster goddess. I spent a while looking at every stalls artwork and these three were worthy enough for a spot on my walls. I really wish I got the business cards of the authors stores so I could share with you but it was so crowded so I grabbed my posters and ran so they wouldn't get crease marks {don't worry, they all survived}. The little one I picked up on the second day and it's artwork based on this beautiful video game called "Journey". Absolutely stunning game! The others are of the BBC shows Merlin and Doctor Who which are pretty freaking awesome if I may say so myself. I really love the quality of the pictures too!

CUPS! Random choices I know! At places like comic con you want to buy almost all the things and most of them are impulse purchases. The Doctor Who Tardis Mug is actually the coolest thing ever but when I bought it home I was like "wat?!" I must admit it looks super rad on my shelf though!! The other cup is BMO from Adventure Time and it's so cute so how could I not get it?! I always have to get up early for uni and sometimes get really disappointed that I can't drink my tea so I have found a solution! wooo!

I also picked up these cool badges that have Merlin and Journey references. What I need badges for? I don't know, they were just so awesome that I just couldn't leave them there! I also walked past the stall that were selling disney plushies about a million times and I just caved and bought Flounder from The Little Mermaid because it is my favourite disney film!

And that was a rather large haul from Comic Con! Sorry if it wasn't you're type of average post, but I'd rather post about the little things that make me extremely happy and the nerd in me wants to share that with you!



  1. Hey I went as well! It was my first time and I absolutely loved it- I just wish I actually had some decent spending money with me.
    - Beth xx

  2. OMG I AM ACTUALLY SO JEALOUS. I want to go to a comic con now!! I'm 5ever looking for Merlin merchandise (WHY ISNT IT MORE MAINSTREAM?? I JUST WANT MERLIN POSTERS JFC)
    So jealous of the stuff you got! I've been debating on whether to buy a TARDIS cookie jar for the longest time now


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