Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter

When I bought the two of the The Body Shops Born Lippy Lip pots, I also decided to pick up another body butter. I already owned a body butter in Vineyard Peach which smelled amazing and sadly it was limited edition {limited edition things get me every time!!}. I was in The Body Shop and it was a choice between the Mango and a limited edition one in Satsuma. The Satsuma body butter was a bit too strong for my liking so I ended up getting the Mango one.

The consistency is thick but I would say that they differ between body butters as the peach one that I own is more buttery than creamy like the Mango one. I found that either consistency needs to be worked into the skin and that it absorbed in a couple of minutes. The only issue I have is that it makes my hands feel really slippery and I have to wash my hands shortly after applying the body butter.

The Body Shop body butters claim to provide 24 hours hydration for dry skin which is one of the reasons that I bought another one. I use this when my legs and arms and feeling super dry and it does a great job at making them feel moisturised and hydrated for a long time. Another thing I love about the Body Shop body butters is that the scents are amazing! They linger but aren't overpowering and I think the Mango body butter is such a good scent for summer because it's fruity.

What is your favourite body butter from The Body Shop?



  1. I smelled it when I was in bodyshop a while ago (that sounds really strange) an it smelled good enough to eat!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  2. i haven't both this one before but I LOVE THE BRAZIL NUT ONE!!! also, its great that they have different formula versions for normal or dry skin. the brazil nut one is much thicker than the orange or mango one. like.. you have to scrape it out sometimes i think i prefer the thicker formula more.
    A Beautiful Zen


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