Thursday, 2 July 2015

Berry Obsessed

Since the semester has finished and I find myself lost without the constant tick on my mind to either study or finish a last minute assignment. I have been going out, for dinners and nights out with my friends which is a nice change to the usual weekends snuggling up into my toy story jim jams and binge watching tv shows and disney movies.

But I noticed that I have reached out to the same lipstick over and over again. Something that's new to me anyways and just the perfect amount of vampiness a gal like me can handle. I'm talking about the highly coveted {did I use that word right?! PAH-english tho}, MAC Rebel.

Swatch with one layer in artificial lighting bc gurl cannot catch the sun

MAC Rebel looks beautiful in the tube like a boysenberry shade but when actually on the lips, it translates to an even prettier deep purple wine with slight fuchsia tones. The formula is a satin finish which really lovely, it is creamy, sheeny and feels smooth on the lips while being decently opaque. This lipsticks staining power is unreal. I wore it to dinner and the only thing that happened was that it faded into a stain which praise the lord for no outer rim business going on! And I literally couldn't get the stain off when I went to remove it. I just gave up and woke up with berry lips.

I do love the versatility of this lipstick. I can easily get away with it slightly pressed into the lip to look like it's worn in. Or go full on with two lipstick layers to make it a deep purple wine. Either way, the shade goes really nicely with dark features {thank sweet lemondrops, I didn't want to regret this purchase} but I think it would look nice on anyone, it's just one of those shades. It does feather due to the formula as it's not matte but I don't mind - it just means swooping in with a lip liner beforehand.

Also can I say this lipstick paired with cool toned shadows, a flick of liner and big lashes is just ٩(♡ε♡ )۶.  yas.

Have you tried MAC Rebel? Or have any dupes that you love?


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