Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Non Stop Softness

After I got the big chop in November my hair has been the healthiest it has ever been. However I still struggle with the frizz and silkiness. I have not really been one to invest in hair care and I have no reason as to why but I'm not a hair care gal. Bumble and Bumble has always been a brand that I have been interested in trying after the constant ramblings from the beauty enablers Anna from VDM and Lily from LilyPebbles. However in Australia, Bumble and Bumble is sold in Mecca Cosmetica which is so many dollar signs it makes me cringe {especially for hair care}.

Bumble and Bumble brought out some killer sets for the holiday season and after constant struggle on deciding which one to get, I finally chose the Non Stop Softness kit.

This set contains 3 mini Bumble and Bumble hair care products with one of them being the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil which I have been keen to try for so long. Now here is the best bit. This product can be bought on it's own at $49AUD for 100ml. You can buy this Non-Stop Softness set which includes a 100ml Hairdresser's visible oil + 60ml shampoo and conditioner for THE SAME PRICE!!

3 products for the price of one?! Who wouldn't want to score that deal!?

Here are my first impressions!

I don't really think that the line has a significant scent to it but I can smell some sort of coconut in it. The scent lingers but it isn't overwhelming or annoying. I really like it though!!

The SHAMPOO: It comes in a 60ml bottle and smells fresh with a hint of coconut goodness. The shampoo lathers up nicely and effectively cleans your hair. What I like about it the most is that it doesn't make the strands of hair feel thin or straw like.

The CONDITIONER: It is a 60ml squeeze tube and again smells really lovely. The conditioner is a thicker consistency {think heavy thick cream} but once applied and rinsed, it makes your hair feel so light, soft and less frizzy. Oh yes. This is what conditioner dreams are made of.

The OIL SERUM THING: This is the absolute steal in the set, as it comes in a 100ml bottle {full size}. A little bit goes a loooong way to make your hair look silky without looking gross and greasy. I always use this regardless if I am using heat on it or not because it works baby!

I used all three hair care products for two weeks consistently (every 2-3 days). I can say that have seen a difference in the way that my hair looks and feels. I have noticed less frizziness when my hair air dries, more shine, silkiness and it generally feels soft and healthy. I'm impressed with this little kit, and it has definitely opened my eyes to try out the rest of the brand {even though it's $$$}. I actually prefer kits like these as you can sample the big guns without paying for a full size product that you may not like.


Would you recommend any products from Bumble and Bumble to try out?! :)


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