Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A Fruity Christmas

I thought about starting this post with a good ol' christmas carol but I ain't got time to write that all out! HAHAH Christmas is creeping upon us again and to get into the spirit, I took a trip to The Body Shop because YES.

As soon as I heard about the release of the Glazed Apple Collection, I was excited! GREEN APPLES ARE MY FAVE FRUIT! So it's basically a match made in heaven. The smell of The Body Shop products aren't true green apples but it's so close you could eat it {BUT DON'T}.

I already own many of The Body Shop Body Butters so I knew this one was going to be a winner already. The Glazed Apple Body Butter comes in the standard tub the Body Butters come in with a lovely picture of a candied apple *drools*. The smell hits you as soon as you open the lid and the formula has a creamy, almost whipped buttery consistency. When you apply the Body Butter, it goes on as an even layer and absorbs into the skin in minutes. What I love about the Body Butters the most is that they provide 24 hour moisture which is great if you have almost scaly mermaid legs like me at the moment.

Another Glazed Apple product that I purchased was the Glazed Apple Hand Cream. I'm a big fan of The Body Shop Hand Creams in general and as the scent was apples, damage was done. The hand cream comes in a 30ml tube which is fantastic for travelling. As soon as you apply the cream, it absorbs pretty quickly leaving your hands smelling like ripe green apples! What I like about it the most is that it doesn't leave your hands feeling all oily and gross.

The other scent? FLAVOUR? WHo KNOws!? was the Frosted Cranberry collection. Holy moly, girl! Definitely give it a whirl next time you are at The Body Shop because you will NOT be disappointed. The smell reminds me so much of lollies, specifically the red kind of lollies for some weird reason. I picked up the Frosted Cranberry Lip Balm was an impulse buy. It's not the greatest lip balm in the world if you have hecka chapped lips, by the end of the day my lips felt a bit worse for wear. BUT it has a pink/red little tint to it. I personally would skip this as a stocking stuffer and invest in one of the larger products.

The last product that I bought was the Frosted Cranberry Body Polish. I have tried the scrubs from The Body Shop before but haven't tried the "body polishes". I honestly don't know what the difference is between them but the body polish has a gel almost jelly like consistency with larger and harsher granules. I love a good body scrub and when I smelt this one in store, I couldn't not pick it up. The smell is just on point christmas sweets! And it works a gosh darn treat to get rid of the previously mentioned scaly mermaid legs.

I'm pretty pleased with all these products that I bought. Looking back, I should have bought at least one thing from the other christmas collection {vanilla something?} but oh well. All these products are great stocking stuffers for your beauty loving friend! I would recommend checking out the christmas packs to get more bang for your buck! :D


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