Monday, 20 October 2014

Classic Combinations

I love dem classic combinations. Give me glam any day and I will gladly accept!

Every time I go out {which is not often, let's be even more real #pjs&disneymovies4lyf}, I tend to use the same combination because I know it works well! Is that sad.. that I don't really experiment when I go out?! I also have this weird thing where I honestly cannot match my lipstick to my eyeshadows,  I don't know if I'm the only one that struggles with this…?

But all I know is that I got this combination down to a T! I love my golds and browns. I love my peachy pinks. I love my orange reds lipsticks. Mix them together and BOOM. Winning combo. 

I have tried many gold eyeshadows and some are just too golden, ya know?! I feel like I should just glue two shiny gold coins onto my eyelids instead... But I finally found my favourite golden shade which is MAC's "Woodwinked". I don't know what it is but the shade doesn't look like too bright {or yellow}, it's a more of an everyday vintage glamour shade. I love the way it looks with the ByTerry Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadow crayon in "Bronzed moon" in the outer corner of the lid. The last time I talked about this, I was n00b101 and was like "I DON'T GET CRAYON SHADOWS?!". But let me tell you, I got this under control now. I absolutely love this eyeshadow crayon and I don't use it often because it is so expensive BUT I LOVE IT! 

Also paired with wings?! da best combo!

OUH girl, I mentioned in my September Favourites post that I have been loving TheBalm's Frat Boy Blush! This blush is amazing by the way, it is crazy pigmented and the colour is just so good! I LOVE this paired with my favourite night-out lipsticks {yes, lipstICKS, you heard me}. They are the NARS Matte Lip Crayon in "Red Square" and MAC's "Lady Danger", both of which are bright fiery orange reds which I can't get enough of! I find the NARS Crayon too drying for my liking so I put the MAC one of top so it packs an extra punch of colour and somehow it the dryness doesn't feel too bad. I'm gonna say that I literally have to prep my lips like 4 days in advance to wear matte lip products but it is SO WORTH IT! The combo together lasts a pretty long time, however, I haven't worn it longer than 5 hours but it would probably last longer than that!

All together, I think these products do a pretty good job at creating the vintage glamour look with a pop of colour! I have been loving this combination lately and I can't wait to get more use out of everything!

What is your fave combination?


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