Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September Favourites 2014

OMGMGMG! I'm sorry for not blogging as usual for the past month or so, I've just been so busy with uni assignments and procrastination that the blog was unloved for a couple weeks. It has always been on my mind to get a new post up but it was all too much with uni so I unwillingly took a break.

BUT I'M BACK *CONFETTI AND PARTY POPPERS* and I'm ready to pump out some more posts because now I actually have time to get everything sorted! What better way to start than a good ol'  monthly favourites post! To be honest, I didn't even have the $$$$ or the time to do some damage at the shops so I've retreated to the stash where all the gems really lie.

Maybelline Color Elixer in "Blush Essence"
It wasn't until the middle of the month when I decided to whip this baby out for a spin and let me tell you, I actually really like it. This shade in particular is kinda rosey and just goes with everything {eyez wize}. I have learned to love the formula {it was a process but we got there} and I really do enjoy them, so much that I bought a couple more in different shades! They aren't sticky like I thought they would be, the colour payoff is crazy good for a gloss hybrid thing that it claims to be and it's just so easy to apply!

Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner
I had this sitting in my draw and just decided to use it recently because I didn't want it to go to waste. It's a toner spray that you can use any time of the day but I tend to use it more at night, after I have a shower just before I put my moisturiser on. I have problems with redness caused by irritation and ever since I have started to use this spray, I have noticed my skin looks so much calmer in the morning which is a major plus for me when I go to put my makeup on and not have to use like 1 million concealers to get an even base {conceal, don't feel}. I haven't dabbled too much into the Sukin range, but I might look into their stuff if it's going to really help my skin.

The Balm Frat Boy Blush
Okay, so maybe I did do a little spending this month.. I picked up the Frat Boy Blush from TheBalm which is a peachy pink shade that just looks so good on. The first time I wore it paired with the NARS Matte Lip Crayon in "Red Square" which is a fiery red orange and it just complemented each other SO WELL!! {especially paired with a wing, ouuiiii}. The pigmentation of this blush is insane too so if you have this, use a light hand! AND THE PACKAGING IS JUST SO DARN CUTE! What's really not to love?! Going into spring, I definitely think this blush will be a solid staple in the everyday makeup routine!

Sigma E25 Blending Brush
ohmy, this eyeshadow brush has been a staple in my collection since I bought it at the beginning of the year! The shape of it makes it so easy to apply and blend shadows on the outer corner and the crease without looking so out of place. I believe this brush is a dupe for the MAC 217 brush which is like 10x more expensive than the sigma one which does exactly the same thing. If there is one thing you want in your makeup life, it's to always have blended shadows.

Butter London "Come to Bed Red"
September was a serious red-nail-polish-month for me! I actually think I had red nails ALLLL month which is so unusual because I have such nail polish commitment issues and I swap the shades like every two days. I think it's because I had no time to do anything but assignments so I touched my nails up with the shade from Butter London. I just LOVEEE the formula, it's so mess free and just applies so nicely! It's pretty opaque too but as I like to make my polishes last a little longer, I just applied more coats! The shade is just a beautiful true cherry red which just looks so lovely on.

A bit of a rambly favourites this month I guess, I JUST MISSED TALKING ABOUT MAKEUP AND STUFF!! I have been writing up some posts that are sitting in my drafts so hopefully you won't have to wait this long for another post again!


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