Monday, 30 June 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection

When it comes to MAC collections, I rarely get excited about them because sometimes they are so similar to the permanent collection. When I found out about the Alluring Aquatic Collection, my heart skipped a beat and I knew that this was the MAC collection for me. If the packaging alone didn't reel me in, the shades in the collection are so incredibly beautiful! {BUT THAT PACKAGING THO} I honestly tried to get my hands on most of the collection because I don't own similar shades but holy moly it was next to impossible to track them down due to being sold out like everywhere! So here are the things I managed to pick up from the collection.

I bought three eyeshadows in such unusual shades which let's be real.. is going to be a struggle as a neutral eye gal like me to pull off. I picked up "Sea Worship" which is a Tarnished olive, "Fathoms Deep" which is a deep blue and "Silver Sun" which is a mid tone dirty sea foam green. All of them are the MAC extra dimension formulas making them really pigmented, blend able and long wearing. They look incredible on! They have this certain sheen to it that changes slightly in different light, just beautiful! I haven't mastered how to wear "Silver Sun" because it's such an unusual and spring time colour! I would definitely wear "Fathoms Deep" as a smokey eye but it looks just as good by itself too. "Sea Worship" feels more like a muted gold which is actually really natural looking and the most wearable out of all the shades I bought.

Aside from the beautiful eyeshadows, I also managed to pick up an extra dimension blush in the shade "Sea Me, Hear Me" which is described by MAC as a beige pink. It's just so soft and buttery when you apply it! I don't even know how to describe the shade of this blush because it really looks like pink in the pan but swatches on my arm like a sheer coral? IS IT JUST ME!? Either way, it's still a lovely shade to wear that has some sheen to it but it's not like disco central on my cheeks. Love it!

Left to Right: Sea Worship, Fathoms Deep, Silver Sun and Sea Me, Hear Me.

I won't be shopping at MAC for a while after this splurge but THAT PACKAGING WAS SO WORTH IT! I mean, it has fake little water droplets on it??! If that won't reel mermaid lovers in, I don't know what will!

Did you manage to pick up anything from the Alluring Aquatic Collection?


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