Friday, 13 June 2014

Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine

ah, I've heard many, many stories about how this is one of the best tinted lip butters that I'll ever come across. So I took the plunge and bought one online! There are currently 6 different shades in the Korres Lip Butter collection but to play it safe, I bought the second lightest shade in "Jasmine" which is a sheer pink that has a subtle sweet smell which I love. Sometimes I think this shade washes me out a little but I mostly use it for around the house so it doesn't matter to me too much. It comes in a pot which will be an issue for people but I'm okay with it, as I only use pot-formed lip balms at home where I have access to clean my hands all the time.

The formula of the Lip Butters are amazing, when you dip your fingers in the pot, it instantly melts and becomes so buttery and applies smoothly on the lips. Once on the lips, it feels lightweight and comfortable and I don't know how to describe it but it like creates another layer on your lips and I don't feel all the cracks..? {Do you know what I mean?!}.

What I love about this product the most, is that it makes my lips feel amazing. As one who has been blessed with chapped lips 24/7, this Lip Butter doesn't dry my lips out at all. Rather, it hydrates them for a good amount of time, like maybe 2 hours which is pretty good as most lip butters/balms like disappear within 30 minutes to an hour {in my experience with lip butters anyways}. I also love how I can wear this Lip Butter under matte lipsticks because it's so sheer and hydrating.

I definitely think I will purchase another shade from the range! Let me know your thoughts on which other shades to look into!



  1. I have one of the korres stick butters and the pot ones - they are really nice although the nuxe reve de miel is better, in my opinion :) x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. This looks and sounds lovely, will have to give it a go.I love your blog have just added it on bloglovin, cant wait to read more.

    Gaby x


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