Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Almay Oil-free Makeup Eraser Sticks

I will try anything to master the perfect winged eyeliner look {except sticky tape, like wat!? who even came up with that idea?}. Almay is such an unusual brand choice for me as I often see the display at Priceline but nothing ever catches my eye, except this little beauty. The Almay makeup eraser sticks are probably one of the most innovative and practical beauty tools that I have ever come across! There are 24 sticks in one pack which I think is pretty reasonable for $9.99.

The stick bit of the cotton swab is filled with oil-free eye makeup remover which allows you to re-apply your makeup straight away {CRAZY?!}. When I brought these home to have a play with, I literally was so confused on how to get the liquid to soak into the cotton. After 15 minutes of ultimate struggle, I figured out that you have to snap the cotton side with the purple line off which lets air enter the stick so the liquid can absorb into the cotton on the other side. Can you imagine the feels when figuring this out?!

These oil-free makeup eraser sticks are so handy to fix up dodgy eyeliner jobs or pick up stray eyeshadows. The sticks also are 100% fragrance free and they don't irritate my eyes at all which is one of the many reasons I love this product so much. With a light hand, you can actually get away with not smudging off your masterpiece. These oil-free makeup eraser sticks by Almay are a winner in my books! LOVE!

Have you tried any products from Almay before?


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  1. What the even...breaking off q-tips to use 'em?? SOUNDS FANCY AND I WOULD LIKE TO TRY. I actually don't know if we have these in Canada, but I shall go look for them! I really like Almay, but like you said, nothing really usually catches my eyes, although I do love one of their mascaras and liquid lip balms :3


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