Monday, 21 April 2014

Lush Fizzbanger Bath Ballistic

After my last Lush experience, I was sure that I wouldn't purchase anything anymore because the store gave me such a headache so I decided to place a sneaky order online to escape the concoctions being created. I ordered quite a few things but sadly most of the things need returning {a long story for another time ;D} BUT I saved this bath ballistic so I could enjoy at least some of my order.

Lush describes the Fizzbanger Bath Ballistic as a "Toffee-apple for your bath; perfect for the young and young at heart". This bath ballistic smells absolutely amazing making me feel warm and fuzzy, this definitely is a scent for fall. The Fizzbanger looks so plain from the outside but the magic is on the inside!! I put it in the tub, it fizzed up and started turning yellow, then blue and then making the whole tub of water green! I was in awe as I have never tried the bath ballistics from Lush before and I didn't realise how lovely it looks. The water was green! THE WATER WAS GREEN! My skin felt so velvety and smooth and the smell lingered both on my skin and in the room. And after when I was cleaning the bath up, I noticed a little surprise sitting on the drain which I thought was such a cute touch.

After this Lush bath, I think I'm more keen on the Bath Ballistics! Which one would you recommend?



  1. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the
    Very Inspiring Blogger Award
    . I hope you check it out!


  2. I recently tried this one, it smells soooo good I really enjoyed it. I didn't notice the little BANG note though! You should try Avobath too, it's a green bomb that smells very citrusy. It's perfect for when you feel a bit groggy and need a pick me up. xx

  3. Whoah whoah whoah, what happened? I generally get anxious whenever I'm inside Lush because I'm generally terrified of sales associates, but I generally have a nice time in there. ALSO, Y THE RETURNS :(
    The bath bombs are all I basically buy from Lush. So overpriced, but ugh, so good. I usually buy the citrusy ones (Dragon's Egg...and...others) because THEY SMELL SO AMAZING IN THE ROOM AND IN THE TUB.


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