Monday, 17 February 2014

Dot by Marc Jacobs

I never used to be one for Marc Jacobs fragrances until my mum bought me Daisy for my birthday last year. Ever since then, every time I go to a shop that sells Marc Jacobs perfumes I always go and test them to see which one I want next. I mentioned that I really liked the Dot Fragrance to my parents and they were so lovely and bought me a bottle for Christmas!

Marc Jacobs fragrances have the most beautiful and eye catching bottles and Dot was no exception. It's red and black polka dots which drew me in because it reminds me of a lady bird {lady bug? wat?!}. I love this colour combination because it matches my room perfectly. The lid is half the beauty - it has red and black butterfly wings going on and I think it's absolutely the cutest thing ever! It also has gold detailing with the name or the perfume which I thought gave it a sleek touch.

I smelled this scent in Priceline and I was obsessed. It smells really fruity which is pretty different from my Daisy perfume which has more of a floral scent. Dot has the top notes of red berries, dragon fruit and honeysuckle, mid notes of jasmine, coconut water and orange water and base notes of driftwood, vanilla and musk {described from sephora}. I just adore this scent, I just love it for summer because it smells so sweet and fruity, although it is a little strong it's really nice and I'm pretty sure it lasts a good while because at the end of the day I can still smell the scent on my clothes.

Have you tried the Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume?


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