Thursday, 16 July 2015

20th Birthday Haulage

Some may say that I have gone crazy with all these haul posts but today I bring to you a special haul post as it was my 20th Birthday on Saturday and I got some really interesting and exciting things that I wanted to share and look back on when I'm like super old. My family has been extremely generous this year and I appreciate everything that they bought and did for me to make my birthday one of the best I have had so far in 20 years of living. I could be wrong in terms of best birthday bc I did have some pretty rockin' McDonald's b'day parties back in the day.

I'll start with the most biggest and probably the most exciting present which was a brand spankin' new Iphone 6 in gold. I just got shivers down my spine. I didn't add it in the photo because it was charging from excessively playing the Kim Kardashian game {I'm obsessed again}. My fam actually had to renew our contracts and all got new phones but I asked if they could save mine until my birthday. So I had to wait like 2 months with the phone in the box just waiting to be used. The strug was real but it was all worth it!

My dad bought me a Winnie the Pooh Jim Shore Figurine. This is a thoughtful present as my name in greek means "Honey Bee" and Winnie the Pooh, honey, bees - it all goes together! So this one means a lot to me and I'm sure I'll always look at it and be like "oh yeah, 20".

At the moment, Mecca Maxima has like a deal going on where if you spend over $65 you get a free Kit Nail Polish where the shades were created by some pretty rockin' beauty bloggers/vloggers. I chose the shades "Heidi" which is a deep raspberry wine and then "Michelle" which is a greige shade.

I also got freaking OLAF PAJAMAS~!!!!! Those who know me, understand my love for Peter Alexander Jimjams when he collabs with Disney. It's honestly like a "shut up and take my money" type of deal every time I walk by his stores. Anyways at the moment there is a Frozen collection and my mumma was able to track down a set of pink PJ's with olaf all over them. They are super cute, super warm and super cuddly and I can't wait to wear them bc #bloggerprobs and I couldn't wear them until I took photos of them.

A while back I bought some pieces from MIMCO when they had a sale on back in late May/ early June and I waited until my birthday to open and wear them. I'm really weird about opening presents before my birthday, it can't be just me tho right?! I picked up this really pretty sparkly glitter pouch (Here in Black) and I'm obsessed. OBSESSED. I love the whole navy, purple and green iridescence thing going on. I need a moment. It doesn't have a handle which is a major bummer but I'm sure I'll make it work *snap in z formation*. And then from Mimco again, I got these gggggoooorgeous earrings which are actually my life. They are rose gold studs with giant dusty rose crystals in the centre. If you are in store, check them out and let yourself fall in love with them! (Online Here)

And then ONTO DA MAKEUP! As you can see from the pink bag, all of it was purchased at Mecca Maxima (و ˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و. Majority of it was from Too Faced as I had a few things on my list that I have always wanted to try from there but never really saw the need. I haven't tried anything yet because I had to take photos {#bbloggerProbz} but I'm sure you will see them floating around on my blog in the future. I got the Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in "Melted Peony" which is a gorgeous medium pink shade, perfect for everyday use. I then got the Better Than Sex Mascara because it was only a matter of time before I had this baby in my collection. There is a lot of fuss over how goooood your lashes look, so I can't wait to wear it.

Again from Too Faced, I got the Natural Matte Palette which has an array of basic matte shades, not too light or dark which I like. I don't really like the glitter shadows from the normal Natural eye palette because they are chunky and the fallout is horrific. Buuut through the Chocolate Bar Palette, I have learned to love Too Faced Shadows so I cannot wait to give this palette a go! And finally, ah. The Clinique Sculptionary Cheek Contouring Palette in the shade "Defining Berries". Holy moly. I don't think I could love the shade of a blush so much. Very berry, very nice. Can't wait to sweep it all over my cheeks for the sculpting blush effect.

I'd love to know what's on your wish list at the moment! Leave a comment down below!


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