Sunday, 7 June 2015

Cute Stationary? Shut Up And Take My Money!

I truly am a sucker when it comes to stationary. Kikki K has some of the sleekest designs so when I discovered that they had a yellow collection going on, I was like YAAASSSS KIKKI K YAAAASSS! Hands in the air and everything!

I knew Kikki K had these Set of Bowls and I was keen but not really keen because what am I really going to do with not one, but three tiny bowls?! I saw that one of them had a gold robotic bee detail inside the bowl and I was sold. Plus they look super cute stacked together so I'm sure I'll find a spot for them. And then because I like everything to match, I bought a hexagonal Small Dish Plate that follows with gold detailing saying "Life is sweet". Life will be sweet now that I own this thing so I can place cute rings and stuff on this dish. The aesthetic is real!

Copper is the bees knees in homewares at the moment, and I had my eye on this Copper Canister since the last collection. I bought it thinking that it could be a cool brush holders but then I thought that it might get destroyed with water and scratches. I currently store all my lip crayons in it because they used to kinda lay awkwardly in my drawers but now they are all together and look like a bunch of lipstick flowers.

I bought the Hello Yellow Feature Journal because this girl likes writing lists like nobody's business and yellow is one of my favourite colours and I JUST LIKE JOURNALS OKAY? okay.  Plus every once in a while, the design of the page changes which is super cool and unique to have in a notebook. And then I saw a Postcard Set with the same theming and my mind switched straight to #bloggeraestheticstho

You can ask mama lemon but back in my primary school days, I was really into scrapbooking. Like I had drawers full of papers, ribbons, tapes, decorations ETTICKA ETTICKA. It was insane, and everyone thought it was not cool to scrapbook, and well well well, what do we see here?! Things like smash books and project life are in with the cool crowd. I'll stop myself there because I could go into so much detail and that's not what you came here for. Long story short, I'm getting back into scrapbooking. I saw this Paper Lovers Book which is exactly what it is. A book filled with different papers, stickers, labels and more!

And then I picked up the Life is Sweet Vision Board Kit for the times where I need a bit of motivation and inspiring things to get myself back on track. I would be fibbing if I didn't say that the paper purchases weren't for the blog. Ya know what I'm sayin'?! winky wink, nudgey nudge ;)

I walked out spending too much money, but no regrats. NO REGRATS. If there is cute stationary infront of my eyeballs, I'm going to buy it.


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