Friday, 25 July 2014

Raiding Mama Lemon's Makeup Stash

I can't be the only one that occasionally rummages through their mothers makeup stash to see what type of makeup that they use right?! RIGHT!!?!?!?!

Well, last week I had a bit of a sticky beak into mama lemon's makeup bag and what do I find?! The most exciting thing a beauty enthusiast and constant makeup wish-lister like me could find! A MAC Kohl pencil in one of the most popular shades around, "Teddy". I was actually going to buy this liner brand new in the MAC store after hearing about how Anna from VDM really loves it but mama lemon was hoarding one all along! MADNESS!

My first thought was like w a t?! How come this is in here? My mum doesn't even use eyeliners for starters so I'm not exactly sure on how she came into possession of this gem!? On closer inspection, it looked like it had been used once but for the most part, it was practically brand new!! What are the odds?! For those who are unaware, MAC "Teddy"  is a bronzy brown with like a bit of red undertones making it so versatile for different skin tones and can easily turn a day time look into a night one!

I love finding and rediscovering hidden gems not only in my own collection but also in mama's collection because she has some good stuff that she didn't even know was in there! It makes me feel like Ariel from the Little Mermaid when she is looking for treasures to add to her ever growing collection of random crap.

Have you recently discovered anything you have had on your wish list for a while in your mums, sisters or friends collections that they didn't even know was there?!


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