Monday, 7 July 2014

Kikki K Stationary

I'm a total nut bag when I walk into cute stationary shops. It can't just be me right!?!?! I was in the city with my mama and we walked into this swedish stationary shop called Kikki K which has really cute and I mean, really cute stationary. So naturally, I had to pick a few things up that were on SALE because who can't resist a sale right?!?!

All the stationary I bought has this under the ocean vibe which is SO COOL, I LOVE IT!! I picked up two notebooks and a note pad. When you flick through the pages, it has little mermaids, shells, seals and more under the sea inspired pictures! What's not to love!? Then I got the matching pens which came in a set of 5! I was actually so excited about this collection when it came out but it was a little expensive for my liking so I'm glad I got them on sale!

The only things I didn't get on sale and were more of a heat in the moment thing was a box of matches {for candles and stove-lighting emergencies for mama} and a box of coloured pens. I'm one of those people that get overly excited about stationary, CAN YOU TELL?! Regardless, I love everything that I bought, it's almost too cute to use!


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