Friday, 6 December 2013

The Nerd Files | Comic Book Haul

Okay, before you get all confused. Yes I love beauty but you may not know that I am a massive pop culture fan as well. I don't know what it is but I just get so many feels when something exciting happens in the geeky community and I love it. I have been to Perth's Comic Con and Supanova for the first time this year and basically felt like I was amongst my people fangirling over everything. I love playing video games and love collecting certain comic books/ graphic novels/ pop vinyl figurines. I thought it would be cool to share what sort of things I buy to read or decorate my room with so I hope you guys find it interesting.

I was in the city last wednesday with some friends and we went to 3 comic book shops and I was in heaven :'). I don't go to those shops often only because I never really go to the city so when I make the trip there, I spend a while looking at everything and deciding on what to get.

The Walking Dead | Volume 2
I was looking for this baby everywhere because I have volumes 1, 3 and 4 which I got from Kings Comics in Sydney and I haven't been able to read on because I needed Volume 2. As soon as I finished the 1st comic, I sat around kind of hopelessly and then I went out and bought the walking dead on dvd and its AMAAAZING!

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World | Volume 1
Scott Pilgrim Vs the World is one of my favourite movies, I have watched it a gazillion times and I will never get sick of it. I have been waiting to get this comic because I wanted to know the full story. I decided to get the coloured version of the comic because I think the story looks better in colour. The book is also a hardcover which is wonderful because it will look fabulous on my bookshelf as well as stay in good condition when I read it a million times. 

Kick Ass
I'm pretty sure I picked this comic up in the spare of the moment because I saw the movie once and liked it and I wanted to read the full story.




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