Friday, 13 December 2013

Rimmel London Apocalips Review and Swatches

It's no secret that these lip lacquers are well loved at the moment and I thought I would share my thoughts on them. I own 4 different shades out of a possible 8 and so far I would say that I'm pretty impressed with them. For those who don't know {me before I did research} a lip lacquer gives the colour of a lipstick but has a similar texture and finish to a gloss.

First off, I am in love with the packaging. It's predominately black and then fades to the colour of the actual shade you bought which is great when you quickly need to grab the colour you want as you run out the door. It has silver font thats easy to read however I would have loved it even more if the name of the shade was in silver too, not just on the barcode sticker. The lid has this cool diamond cut looking tip which makes the packaging look sleek and sophisticated.

At first I thought the texture looked a bit too runny but when applied to the lips, I found that it glided on smoothly and the pigmentation was brilliant. One swipe was BAM! IN YO FACE and the intensity of the colour didn't fade or sink into the lips like most lip products. The lip applicator was a little bendy at the tip which hugs your lips as you apply the lacquer which I thought was really helpful considering how pigmented it is.

The only problem that I had with this lip lacquer was that it transfers off on other things so easily omg. After applying, it just sort of slid off my lips a little. HOWEVER there might be a solution! Instead of using the lip applicator you can use a lip brush or your ring finger for a lighter layer of the lacquer which might help stop the colour from bleeding. Alternatively, you could use a lip liner.

It does feel very creamy but I found that because I have chapped lips that the lacquer sort of amplified that {not cute}. So make sure to prep your lips before using this product. If you have dry chapped lips lightly exfoliate your lips with a gentle lip scrub and swipe some clear moisturising lip balm so they are nice and smooth when you apply the lip lacquer. 

100 Phenomenon
A milky nude beige. Out of all of the shades I own, I dislike this one the most. I don't know if it's me or the lacquer but I always have a hard time putting on this colour. It sinks into fine lines and doesn't spread evenly on my lips.

101 Celestial
A dusty rose colour. This is my favourite out of all the shades because the colour isn't too strong so it's perfect for a casual day out.

303 Apocaliptic
A bright fuchsia pink colour which has blue undertones. This colour is absolutely gorgeous and it's the sort of colour that I would wear out at night.

501 Stellar
When I first bought this shade I thought it was a bright neon red colour but it seems to have a touch of coral. I still love it either way.

All the colours are fun and outgoing, they range from subtle nudes to vibrant bright shades - something for everyone. My favourite is "Celestial" because it's a nice simple colour that can be worn everyday.The lasting power of the bright colours was about 2 to 3 hours {with light eating} and the lasting power of the nude colour was less - about one hour {which is a little disappointing}.

Overall, I do like this product and I think I will get a lot of use out of them in the future. The colour selection is great and they are reasonably priced at $12.75 each at Priceline.

What's your favourite shade from the Apocalips range?



  1. Apocaltiptic is gorgeous!


  2. Love these! I almost have every color now.

  3. I have all 4 of these too and the 303 Apocalyptic is my fave!



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