Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September Favourites 2013

Hi everyone!

October is finally here so that means all the September favourites posts are upon us! I thought I would do my first monthly favourites and I'm really excited to share all the things I have been loving in the month of September!

Lately the Maybelline Color Whisper range has been my go-to lipstick for nearly every outfit. I have been loving the shade Petal Rebel the most because it just adds a little colour for when I can't be bothered contouring. The colour whispers are lightly moisturising and the colours are easily build-able for a more pigmented colour. 

Towards the end of September, I bought myself Rimmels Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara and wore it a couple of times and absolutely loved it!! I actually prefer it to the ones I have and love already. A Review is to come so watch out for that one!

I have had the Revlon PhotoReady Primer, Shadow & Sparkle palette in Metropolitan for a couple of months but finally decided to wear it in September! I love the colours and I found that It stayed on my eyelids for a long time. It has a guide at the back so you know where you should put the shadows which is really convenient if you're a beginner at putting on shadows!

This month, I decided to try out my first crème blush ever. I opted for Revlon PhotoReady Crème Blush in Pinched. At first I was really confused on how to put the blush on but one I got the hang of it, I really liked the texture and the fact that it blended so easily! 

Next is a book called "The Land of Stories - The Wishing Spell" by Chris Colfer. I absolutely LOVED this book! When I was younger, I used to read all the time! It was an escape from the real world and I picked this book up because I wanted to get back into reading - starting from fairytales. This book is brilliant because its a mix between the most loved fairytales, a different twist to them and the modern world which is something that I was interested in!

And Lastly is this phone case I bought at the Perth Royal Show. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I needed it in my life because anything that is iridescent makes me feel like a mermaid and I love it!

And these are the things I have been loving in the month of September!

What have been your favourite things in September?


  1. Great post! I like the products you have chosen for your September favorites! I especially like the phone case! So cute!

    Check out my September favorites:

  2. That book sounds really good! I might have to get a copy. I love fairytales with a twist.


  3. Love your blog! Wish we had the Whisper lipsticks here in the UK
    Please check out my blog at
    Many Thanks xx

  4. Is the creme blush easy to apply using fingers? Or did you have to use a foundation brush to put it on? :)


  5. I meant a blush brush or something of the sort :)

    1. I use my fingers to apply it then blend with a blush brush! :)


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