Thursday, 3 October 2013

Essie Nail Polishes

Hi everyone!

I was on a shopping adventure last Tuesday and found that Priceline Pharmacy had an introductory sale on Essie nail polishes. Normally they are selling for $16.95 however the introductory price was $12.95 which I thought was a pretty good deal! Still they were a little pricy but in the spare of the moment, I felt like I needed them in my life. I'll have to try and find other drugstores that sell Essie nail polishes cheaper.

I'm sure that nearly every blogger have talked about this brand of nail polishes and I decided to try them out for myself. When I was searching for colours, I was amazed by all the different names that they had come up with because they are so imaginative and it definitely made me more interested in the brand.

{1} Marshmellow: I felt like I needed a white nail polish in my collection and the name "Marshmellow" totally won me over. Also, white is a classic colour which looks great with everything so I'm sure I will be wearing this colour in summer to complement a tan!

{2} Lilacism: Oh, this colour is so beautiful! I'm a real fan of purple and I didn't have a purple nail polish that was lilac! I think it's a good colour for spring and I'm sure that I always will wear it on my nails.

{3} Ballet Slippers: A girl can never have too many shades of pink right? I haven't tried this colour yet but I'm sure the colour will be wonderful.   

From the first stroke of one of the polishes, I knew that this brand will be one of my favourites for a long time. It was so easy to apply because I didn't need apply too many coats {I only did two coats and they were at their true colours}. I was amazed at how they dried pretty quickly with my Revlon ColourStay Top Coat and the finished look was shiny and smooth.  

What are your favourtie colours from this Essie? I would love to try out some new colours!



  1. Pretty shades - I only have a couple of essie polishes :)

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  2. Cute post and nice shades :) I love essie polishes!

  3. I saw them at Priceline too but wasn't sure which colour to pick up! Think I might get Lilacism when I next see a Priceline. Love the post!

  4. good lord, I adore essie! every single nail polish! I remember trying them for the first time and I really am not a person for manicures but they are so easy to apply! I completely understand why you like to buy them :P

    Andrea xx


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